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The Environment

Land and Livestock

Written by Joseph Diaz

The livestock industries are by a large amount the leading users of land all around the world. Grazing alone occupies roughly 20 some percent of the Earth's terrestrial surface. Sometimes this land is overgrazed which leads to soil erosion and the loss of soil fertility, resulting in land that is no longer fit to produce the food required to sustain healthy herds.

When this happens it sometimes leads to deforestation as a means of creating new pastures. Deforestation is devastating to the natural wildlife. Almost one third of the land that is suitable for the traditional farming of crops is used exclusively to cultivate the feed for the livestock that countless people consume on a daily basis.

On the other hand, insects take up very little space by comparison to the thousands of acres used for livestock. They also require far less food and water. In fact, it is claimed that by using the same amount of feed between traditional livestock and insects, approximately four hundred percent more insect meat could result. Some insects are also capable of utilizing nutrients from an expansive range of plant varieties that would not be suitable for traditional livestock and may be less commonly used as human food items.

As more people accept the consumption of insects as another food source, land and crops may be given back to the earth and her inhabitants.

Remember the land that is taken from multiple species of wildlife through processes such as deforestation that was talked about earlier? This also means that we may even be able to preserve these precious forests that are a vital part of our eco-system and are continually falling to meet agricultural needs.

Just think about it. More land, water, and more crops for mankind, in addition to saving our wildlife, all thanks to nature’s most abundant source of natural protein.