Hello, I am Dianne Guilfoyle, Founder / President of BUGMUSCLE LLC. Bugmuscle has been in the research and development stages of manufacturing some of the most “edgy” nutrient supplements to date. We are a bootstrapping company with several pokers in the fire.
BUGMUSCLE began as my brain child over 25 years ago as a young mother of three.
I was working and going to school full time with little time to eat, so I would imagine slipping a little critter into a capsule and swallowing it for the Protein. Some years passed and the thought passed with time, only to return in 2009.

Like many of us who are one person by day and another by night, I worked a forty plus hour work week at a School District in the capacity of Child Nutrition Services Field Supervisor.
(And in case you are wondering; No, having been there, done that, I do not promote school cafeteria foods) That is a story of its own.

Back in March of 2007 I had to endure brain surgery. In 2009 my son Joseph, my daughter Leanne (AKA Richard Parker, founder of ‘Sweet Bees Knees”) and me were reading a muscle and fitness magazine. The writer asked why nobody had ever thought to put insects into supplements. Such was our beginning.

The building of BUGMUSCLE has been a wonderful experience that has helped with my process of recovery and subsequently introduced me to many very caring and knowledgeable people.

As a mother and supervisor it was necessary to build Bugmuscle around my day job and concentrate working Bugmuscle on the free time I had during weekends and evenings. My son and co-founder of Bugmuscle, Joseph Diaz, has been an integral part of the entire process as he assists with the labor involved as well as the planning and development of product.

I have been in the food and services industry for over twenty five years. My “professional” experience actually began with restaurant and hotel management during the 1980’s. Throughout this time I worked in many areas related to food and nutrition, most of which consisted of quantity food preparation, catering, supervising etc.
Joseph is an electrician by trade. Joe trained in mixed martial arts for five years.

Breeders of large livestock for human consumption take huge amounts of space and natural resources and man power. By comparison; pound for pound insects require very little resources depending on the availability and type of insect processed.

Our products are put to extensive laboratory testing in order to ensure a safe nutritional option to the current supplements in the industry and are soon to be heading for the shelves of gyms and health food stores around the nation.

Our beginning product was tasteless and odorless in the form that we initially envisioned; and by further processing over the duration of the last few years we are looking at an even larger reality with virtually endless boundaries in the nutritional arena.

We have taken a source that has been by and large unheard of in the United States and expanded on what various countries and cultures over the face of the earth have known for as long as man has been in existence. Insects are a source of nutrition for both humankind as well as animals.

Our goal is to introduce the nutritional value of insects to the general population in form of a palatable and actually pleasant experience. In the beginning our target market was health conscious consumers, body building, and overall endurance and sports enthusiasts. People’s taste in food is governed by beliefs and ancestry. Some folks will be open to the idea and some may not. But if you eat lobster, you are eating an underwater insect; just bigger.
As we continue to grow and expand we are hearing feedback that is very encouraging. This feedback continues to drive us to search for, and develop even better over the counter easy to consume eco-friendly products for you.

During this time of research and development we have had the opportunity to meet fellow enthusiasts in the field of entomophagy who are also in support of our vision.
It has been an amazingly fun and educational venture that has helped me to work through my process of recovery, leading me back into an even better state of mind and soul than before.

If you have ever had one of those experiences where the doors seem to magically open, and the carpet begins to roll out effortlessly before you, then you know the value of creating something from the beginning “thought” form to the finished product.
I give thanks for every person who has helped us to bring this remarkable venture to reality.
Entrepreneur vision mixed with scientific fact puts BUGMUSCLE at the broader end of the nutritional spectrum.

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