About Us

About Us

We believe in the Supplements We Create and Making the World a Better Place.

The CEO of and founder of bugMUSCLE, Dianne Guilfoyle, cancer survivor, is committed to giving people healthier options for themselves and the planet.

iStock_000018549103SmallHarvesting edible arthropods rather than livestock allows for a much higher rate of conservation for resources such as land, water, and grains.

According to the article Insects could be the planet's next food source... even if that gives you the creeps by Tracy McVeigh, The livestock farming contribution in terms of greenhouse gas emissions are enormous - 35% of the planet's methane, 65% of its nitrous oxide and 9% of the carbon dioxide. Insects emit only a tenth of the methane emitted from livestock, and nearly 300 times less nitrous oxide.

Our crusade is to smash the western mind set of insects being repugnant and incite a bold and long-awaited appreciation of the bountiful resources that are pioneered in on the wings of healthy nutritional supplementation to the human diet.

Americans are behind the curve when it comes to the healthy, enjoyable, and environmentally friendly practice of the consumption of insects. How long will we continue to ignore this colossal resource for health and survival? Let us stop dragging our feet and catch up with the rest of the 80% of our world that is enjoying insects on a daily basis. When will you reap the benefits? You decide; the world already has.

Our Standards

What You Can Count Om

Quality Ingredients

Our protein supplements contain more high quality, better tasting protein, with less sugar.

Improving the environment

We are committed to using protein sources that lesson the disastrous effects of animal production on the animals and the environment.

Innovative Solutions

From powder to bars to how we create our delicious protein supplements, we are always encouraging conscious and helpful innovation with our teams and supplies and encourage you to strive for that with your own goals.

Bees are our friends

We need them to pollinate the world. If bees are gone, we are gone.

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