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There are currently a huge number of traditional nutrition supplement companies,as well as novelty insect food & snack sales in existence today.

These companies bring to the table vastly different aspects of nutritional approaches in addition to new ideas that broaden healthy culinary development. Many of these companies hoist the leading cutting edge nutrition science concepts while others showcase a fresh idea on a tasty snack, candy, or culinary masterpiece. BugMuscLe combines the leading science based evidence through private laboratory research in combination with the culinary practices of approximately 80% of the planets’ human population. The idea being that many insects are a healthy and nutritious power food.

Here at BUGmuscLe we whole-heartedly believe in the nutritional value that the arthropod has to offer to the human race as well as the benefits it has towards our ever so fragile environment. BUGmuscLe is an environmentally conscious company proposing to improve the health and well being of mankind as well as the preservation of nature’s valuable resources.

Insects are a very sustainable source of food. They require much less space, pound for pound, than the standard livestock animal. They also have a superior input to yield ratio. Far less feed is required to create an equal amount of insect by comparison to traditional livestock animals. In fact, with the same amount of food used between a livestock animal versus insects, approximately 400% more insect meat may result.

Insects are able to feed and utilize nutrients from an expansive range of plant varieties, such as cacti or bamboo, which may not be suitable for raising traditional livestock, or may be less commonly used as human food items. The consumption of insects would also reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from the raising of livestock, thus preserving our precious ozone layer.

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Harvesting edible arthropods rather than livestock allows for a much higher rate of conservation for resources such as land, water, and grains.

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We believe that a healthy nutrition regimen is paramount to obtaining goals both physically and mentally. A healthy nutrient intake is a very key component of muscle recovery, muscle growth, performance and even cognitive function.

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An athlete is someone who is striving to improve themselves physically and mentally in a variety of ways such as flexibility or physical power, muscular size or agility, body composition or the mental strength to drive through barriers.

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The livestock industries are by a large amount the leading users of land all around the world. Grazing alone occupies roughly 20 some percent of the Earth’s terrestrial surface....

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As humans, protein is our dietary source of compounds called amino acids. While amino acids are required for the maintenance and growth of lean muscle tissue, amino acids also have many additional benefits.

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